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Palampur:- Snuggled amidst mountains and lush green trees, Palampur is another beautiful place to visit in Himachal Pradesh. The hill station is known for its tea garners, paddy fields, colonial architecture, and temples. You can enjoy the scenic trail of the Dhauladhar range and the inclines of Kangra valley. There are many local sightseeing in Palampur like tea garden, Sourav van Bihar, the trek of Himani chamunda, Shree jakhni Mata temple, Birni Devi temple, and Vindhya vashni temple. You can also enjoy the sights of eminent places like the Sobha art gallery, Andretta pottery, Tashi jong monastery, and Norah Richard Andretta. A quaint little hill station in the foothills of the Dhauladhar range of Himachal Pradesh offers a lot to travelers. There are quite of the things that you can indulge in when visiting Palampur and satiate your wanderlust appetite.

Best time to visit:-

March to June
Early winters from September to November
July to September (if you love rains)


This place is 1220 m above from the sea level and 30 km from Dharamshala.

Climate and temperature:-

The weather here is chilling.
In Palampur, the average annual temperature is 19.1 °C | 66.4 °F.

Things to do

Bir: Experience how it feels to be a bird by paragliding at Bir. Only 29.6 km from Palampur, enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view of the Dhauladhar range. You can also indulge in some hand-gliding.

Naam Art Gallery: 30.9 km from Palampur, the art gallery is in Dharmshala, displaying paintings that are magnetic and captivating by German painter Elsbeth Buschmann and English painter Alfred W. Hallet. Unfortunately, it is closed on Mondays.

Triund: Learn the thrill of climbing to the peak of a mountain and camping there in the night with the Truid trek. Watch the beautiful sunset, the lush green meadows, and the twinkling stars from your tent. It is an experience that you will remember for life.

Tea Plantation: Known as the tea capital of northern India, discover the green foliage and the tea’s aroma that will play wonders to your senses.

Andretta: Only 11.9 km from Palampur, bring out your artistic side at this artist’s colony of pottery.

Chamunda Devi Temple: 10 km from Palampur, on the banks of river Baner, the temple is dediSScated to Goddess Chamudeshwari, the most powerful incarnation of Goddess Durga. The place becomes a sight to behold during the Navratri festival. It is one of the most visited places by locals, pilgrims, and tourists.

Neugal Khad: Only 3-4 km from Palampur, at Neugal Khad, enjoy the crystal clear water stream and the scenic beauty of the Dhauladhar range. At the backdrop of it, all the snow-clad Himalayan range offer a playground for photographers. Indulge your tastebuds with a variety of cuisine and beverages in the local cafes and restaurants.

Tashi Jong Monastery: An abode to Tibetan refugees offers a stunning view of the Kangra Valley. You can also try authentic Tibetan food at the Tibetan restaurant with the complex and find exquisites Tibetan craftsmanship in the crafts emporium. You can buy the artifacts as souvenirs.

Norbulingka Institute: Understand and learn about the Tibetan culture, history, art, and literature with a guided tour in the institute. If you have time, you can also enroll in a short-term Tibetan art workshop in the institute. The place also holds the world’s largest collection of Losel dolls in the Losel Doll Museum.

Baijnath Temple: An architectural marvel nestled in the Kangra Valley, 17 km from Palampur, is wrapped in mythical stories. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is believed to be worshipped by Ravana. The temple resembles the Jagannath temple of Puri. It is one of the most visited spots by locals, pilgrims, and tourists alike.

Jakhni Mata Temple: A physically demanding trek to reach this exotic temple in Chandanpur, but it offers the unparallel spectacular view of the Dhauladhar ranges and the Kangra valley.

Sobha Singh’s Art Gallery: A must-visit for art fans since the place has a range of artwork, canvas paintings, sculptures by the famous artist Sobha Singh.

Some Honarary Mentions
• Naam Art Gallery
• The local Palampur market
• Toy train ride
• Saurabh Van Vihar

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