Bir:- Lying in the beautiful lush green terrain, bir billing is a spot for adventure freaks. Bir billing always makes to the top of the list of the tourists who are adventure enthusiasts. The place offers quite a lot of fun and thrill. Here are the top 15 things to do and visit while you are in Bir.

Prominent for its paragliding sport, camping, trekking, mountain biking, and bungee jumping, bir billing does not trigger a second thought when it comes to adventure sports. Being the leading place to relish this aero sport, bir billing on the bucket list of every adventure seeker.

You can take on this activity in the evening and can enjoy the changing hues of the sky.

There are many beautiful treks and sightseeing in bir such as Bir landing sight, Chokling Monastery, baijnath temple, bangoru waterfall, and rajgunda village trek.

Best time to visit:-

March to May
October & November

2430 meters from sea level (Billing)
1701 meters from sea level (Bir)

Climate and temperature:-
The temperature here is mild. And the average annual temperature is 16.8 °C | 62.2 °F.

Things to do

Paragliding: Well known for its aerial sports, Bir holds a pre-world cup paragliding session in October. You can either enroll to get the training or, as a novice, enjoy paragliding with a two-seater glider with a trained instructor. The gliding starts at the height of 2400 in Billing and ends at 14 km south at the Western Edge of the Tibetan Colony. The paragliding will offer you a spectacular view of Bir Billing. You can also hang-glide.

Trekking: The place is often considered a starting point for various hiking and trekking routes of different levels. Bir’s hiking route to Billing is picturesque with pine forests, different mountain summits, and snow-clad peaks along with the Dhauladhar range. Some of the well-known trekking routes are:
• Billing-Rajgundha-Barot: Easy level trek with an overnight halt in Rajgundha, or you can keep hiking to Barot.
• Chota Bangal and Bada Bangal: A moderate level adventurous trekking route
• Parashar Lake: View the mysterious lake nestled within the Himalayas with an island in it. Also, view the beautiful Dhauladhar range. The trek is considered to be between moderate and difficult levels.

Camping: If you want to stay under the blue sky and gaze at the stars with Himalayan ranges in the background, Bir offers a wonderful camping experience as part of their eco-tourism. You can enjoy music and a bonfire session at the campsite.

Toy Train Ride: Enjoy the nearby tourist destinations with the toy train ride from Bir. The most popular one is the toy train of Pathankot. It starts from Joginder Nagar and ends at Pathankot. The train journey will take you across the spectacular hills and valleys.

Mountain biking: If you want to visit the nearby villages of Bir Billing and see the paragliders fly above your head, try mountain biking through the serpentine roads. Take the route to Deol to view the farms and villages of Bir Billing.

The Bongoru Waterfall: From the Tibetan Colony, it is 4.5 km that offers an easy hiking experience, and the milky white waterfall is a sight to behold. A lesser-known place among the tourists offers an ideal place for picnics.

Deer Park Institute: Reflects Tibetan culture and had a range of mesmerizing paintings and carvings related to Buddha across its walls. It offers various meditation sessions, yoga, healing arts, philosophy, Buddhist art, and culture. Without the visit to Deer Park Institute in Himachal’s Bir colony, your journey will be incomplete.

Chokling Monastery: A Tibetan Monastery in Bir has a rich history with Padmasambhava and a stupa statue. The place is only a kilometer away from the Bir Landing Site and offers a clear view of the majestic Himalayas. The green lawns, colorful flags, and serene atmosphere will be a memorable experience.

Chowgan Tea Garden: Enjoy the stroll through the Himalayan tea garden south of the Lower Bir. The richness of the soil and the atmosphere contributes to the plantation of a variety of teas. The fresh air will cheer you up, and women picking the fresh tea leaves are a delightful sight, the swift action with which they pick the leaves is an art in itself.

Himalayan Film School: A must-visit place when you are at Bir, the school is within the Deer Park Institute. The faculty holds regular workshops on film-making, storytelling, photography with Tuning Fork Films. If you want to see the students during the workshops or be part of it, check it out between 9 am and 5 pm.

Bir Landing Site: Also known as Sunset Point, the place offers a scintillating view of the Himalayan ranges and the sunset. While enjoying your sunset coffee in one of the many cafes and restaurants, you can also enjoy paragliders landing the area as it is their halting zone.

Shop At Bir Road: Visit the Bir Bazar to get the local feel and enjoy the street food. You will also find a wide range of handicraft items that you can carry back as souvenirs.

Chamunda Devi Temple: A popular shrine among the locals, pilgrims, and tourists is 15 km from Kangra Valley has the raging form the Goddess who is guarded by the male deities Hanuman and Bhairava. The temple has a picturesque lake where you can enjoy boating with a Dhauladhar range as the background.

Sherablling Monastery: You walk through the pine trees and vibrant Tibetan flags as you reach the monastery, located within the Bhatu forest. The monastery is built across 3 acres of land; the place has stupas, gompas, and Buddhist temples where you can meditate and even receive lessons on philosophy.

Barot Valley: In the Mandi district, this serene and amazingly beautiful tourist spot offers a captivating landscape, and you can trek across the villages and the valley while watching the majestic Himalayan ranges.

Some honorary mentions:
• Baijnath Temple
• Palampur
• Gunehar Waterfall
• Tashi Jong Monastery
• Dharmalaya Institute
• Chokling Monastery
• Tibetan Colony
• Bir Tea Garden

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